Help us help leaseholders like you…

As a leaseholder, we’d love to know what’s most important to you…

Your answers will help inform our solution so it’s aligned to your needs, not ours.

1. Let’s get the formalities out of the way…
2. Do you have full visibility into how your services charges are spent; and to whom?
3. Do you believe your services charges are fair and reasonable?

If no, why not?

4. Have you ever taken your Freeholder to tribunal?

If yes, what was the outcome?

5. What would be most useful for managing your property? (Select all that apply)


7. How much would you be willing to pay for a service that provides visibility into your leasehold property?
8. What services did you use to support you in buying your leasehold property?


9. Are you a LEGEND and able to send this on to other leaseholders you know, so we can get their feedback too?
10. Would you be interested in a free 1-year membership?
11. Do you consent to us contacting you in the future?